Welcome to NY Japanese Language School!

Welcome to NY Japanese Language School!

欢迎光临纽约日语学校! /에 오신걸 환영합니다!!

Native Japanese speaker and J-pop magazine writer offering classes in midtown.

Have you ever wanted to work in Japan?
Have you ever wanted of live in Tokyo?
It may not be easy for you at first, but my school can help you to prepare, if you want to do so.
I am here to support you.
Contact me today.

Beginners Class:

Free Japanese Classes
WASABI-4 for absolute beginners in Weds.October,6th

Schedule & Location are subject to change.

Please visit our CLASSES page for details!!

Apply for Beginners class

Private Lesson:

Private Lesson in Manhattan!

Learn Japanese one-on-one at a coffee shop in Manhattan! All levels are available and the format of the class can be tailored to your needs and interests.

EX)Resume writing lesson and interview lesson for jobs are available per request,Keigo lesson (speaking,writing,reading) is now available,Japanese newspaper reading lesson is available.


New York Japanese
Language School

We can make it at Cafe Zaiya on the 2nd floor of Kinokuniya bookstore or Open to Publice near the Grand Central station.

Cafe Zaiya@ Kinokuniya bookstore
1073 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018
+1 212-869-1700

Open to Public
Pershing Square
Park Ave.
East 42nd St.
subway :4567s